Google Analytics is a tool provided by google that lets you track visitors to your site.  It tells you about who visited (their geographical location) and their behavior when they’re on your site (how long they looked at each page, time of day they visited, the link that brought them to your page, etc.).  To set up Google Analytics, do this:

  1. Create a Google Analytics Account. Note: if that link doesn’t work, just do a google search for: “Google Analytics” sign up
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Get the tracking ID number
  4. Paste the tracking code in the appropriate place in your website:
    • If you are using the Avada theme, it is very easy: Go to: Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Advanced >> Code Fields (Tracking etc.). Now paste your code into the box that says Tracking Code.  Note, your code should be flanked by: <script>
    • If you are using a theme other than Avada, your theme will probably have somewhere to paste your code.
    • If your theme does not have somewhere to place a tracking code, you’ll have to paste it in manually. I’ll leave it to you do do a Google search for this, but in brief, there are 3 main options:
      1. Use a plugin, there are many, a good is: Insert Header and Footer
      2. Paste it into your theme’s header.php file, right after the <body> tag. Note: this is a modification of your parent theme.  If you do this, you’ll need to first install a child theme.
      3. Alter your theme’s functions.php file. You should know what you’re doing if you decide to do this.