Locations Serviced


I meet clients at a cafe in downtown Guelph, Ontario, Canada. In some circumstances, I may be able to meet clients at their place of business, either within Guelph, or a neighboring city.  Travel charges may apply.

Lessons in Web Design Using WordPress

I offer private one on one instruction on how to build a website using WordPress.  Consultation and lessons can include: planning a content strategy for search engine optimization (SEO), building a WordPress website, advertising on Google and eCommerce.  Here are some of the subject areas that I can help you with, please note: I am more experienced in some areas than others:

Market research: There are many tools that can be used to study the market and the competition.  While I have not yet mastered all of them, much background research can be done in this area.  We can discuss your goals and develop a content strategy to draw traffic to your site, either organically (though blogs and publications) or through paid advertising.  I can introduce you to various tools and work through some of the basic features with you.  Some tools require a paid membership in order to access all of the features.  An amazing number of things can be learned about your competitors, including data on their: advertising campaigns, followers on social media, phrases they rank well for on Google, their backlinks, audience demographics, etc.  Here are a few of the tools that can be used for market research and to study your competitors:

  1. Google Trends: learn what is currently trending and view changes in relative search volume over time for your keywords of interest
  2. Google Adwords: set up a Google advertising campaign and view basic statistics
  3. Google Analytics: investigate monthly search volume of the keywords of interest and find related keywords, etc.
  4. Google Search Console: This is a must-have resource.  It allows you to optimize the visibility of your website with Google and has many tools, for example, you can see the keywords that Google has ranked you for.
  5. Tools used to investigate your competitors: You can learn about their: advertising strategies, Google ranking for relevant keywords, backlinks to their sites, etc.  Here are a few examples:
    1. https://www.semrush.com/
    2. https://majestic.com/
    3. https://moz.com/
    4. http://www.spyfu.com/
    5. http://spyonweb.com/

Choose a platform: We can discuss the various, options within WordPress.  There are many other ways to build a website, however, I’m only knowledgeable about WordPress and I believe it is the best option for most people.  Shopify is a good option for eCommerce businesses and lessons on how to build a Shopify website will be available soon.

Choose a domain name: This may not be a difficult decision, especially if you will be using your business name as your URL, but if not, we can discuss options.

Decide on a webhosting package and a theme: If you have read my blog post: Building a WordPress Website: Pre-Build Considerations, you’ll see that I am very partial to using SiteGround for web hosting and Avada for the theme.

Install WordPress and adjust settings

Create pages and blog posts

Enter content and customize the page layout

Install plugins

Graphic design and/or tutoring in:

  1. The best places to find free and paid stock photos
  2. Logo design
  3. Custom graphics using:
    1. Cinema 4D: I created most of the images on this website using Cinema 4D.
    2. Adobe photoshop (I only use it for basic functions like resizing and cropping images)
    3. Microsoft PowerPoint (I have expert proficiency)

Set up eCommerce: WooCommerce with PayPal or Stripe

Improve search engine optimization (SEO): I can help with the basics

Advertising on Google: I can set up a basic campaign, however, I am still learning the more advanced data tracking features.

I also provide business consultation services including:

  1. Strategies for starting, running and funding your business
  2. Feasibility Investigations: I can provide an honest third party assessment of your plans
  3. Provide insight into how and where to sell your product or service