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Avada Cheat Sheet

AVADA CHEAT SHEET There are many customization settings in Avada and for beginners, it can be difficult to remember where everything is.  However, if you remember the following three things, you’ll usually be able to find what you're looking for pretty easily: 1. For site-wide changes: most of the settings that’ll you need are found here: [...]

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How to set up Google Analytics if using Avada Theme

Google Analytics is a tool provided by google that lets you track visitors to your site.  It tells you about who visited (their geographical location) and their behavior when they're on your site (how long they looked at each page, time of day they visited, the link that brought them to your page, etc.).  To set up [...]

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Instructions for Building a WebSite Using WordPress.org

Step by Step Instructions for Building a WordPress Website With the Avada Theme If you've read my post: Building a WordPress Website: Pre-Build Considerations and have decided to build a website using WordPress, here are my step-by-step instructions.  Note: these instructions are for building a website using the WordPress.org platform.  I'm sure there are other [...]

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Definitions, Tips and Tricks for Building a WordPress Website

In no particular order, here are some various things that you might find useful when just starting out with WordPress: 1. A Useful Analogy to Understand the Internet 2. How long does it take to set up an account? 3. What is Web Hosting? 4. What is the difference between pages and posts? 5. What [...]

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PCI Compliance for Small eCommerce Businesses

Does a small eCommerce business need to do anything to become PCI compliant?  If so, what? Conclusions  I've started with conclusions to save you reading this wall of text, in case you're not interested in the finer details: PCI compliance is a set of rules created by credit card companies that apply [...]

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Building a WordPress Website: Pre-Build Considerations

In this article: 1. Do you really need a WordPress website? 2. Should you try to build a website yourself? 3. Why use WordPress? 4. What you need to know about WordPress: WordPress.com versus WordPress.org 5. How to Do Market Research and Design a Strategy to Attract People to Your Website 6. How to choose a domain [...]

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